Back to Back Half Rack | Item # WB160

Back to Back Half Rack WB160

Back to Back Half Rack 

This innovative solution combines efficiency and functionality. Each rack features robust 75 x 75 x 3mm uprights, ensuring exceptional strength and durability. The high-quality powder coating finish enhances both aesthetics and longevity. The inclusion of long stabilizing legs provides the option of not needing to bolting the rack down, offering flexibility in placement.


  • Main frame: 75x75x3.0mm
  • Depth: 297cm
  • Width: 135cm (not including the length of plate posts
  • Height: 228cm (back); 254cm (front)
  • J cups, band pegs and plate storage posts are included
  • Country of Origin: CHINA

  • Brand Name: SMARTFIT

  • Payment: T/T or L/C