38″ Revolving D Handle Pulldown Bar | Item # RA118

Lat Bar 38" RA118

Revolving D Handle Pulldown Bar 

The Revolving D Handle Pulldown Bar is an excellent alternative for those who experience shoulder pain when performing regular lat pulldowns. This solid steel bar features a neutral grip position, placing less stress on your shoulder region shifting the pain to your lats and back muscles. The knurl-textured rubber narrow grip handle allows you to use the bar as a revolving straight bar, offering the versatility to not only perform wide grip lat pull downs and wide grip rows but also tricep pushdowns, straight arm pull downs and bicep curls.

The freely revolving cable attachment eyelet centre allows for smooth rotation on all exercises whilst the nylon balls screwed into the ends of the bar are designed to help protect your other gym equipment and accessories.

  • Country of Origin: CHINA