Project Description

Resistance Band | Item # TB014

Latex Band TB014

You can make your workouts more challenging with the Power Band. Attach the resistance band to a weight bar while doing squats, for example. This requires you to make a greater effort. It is also possible to wrap the power band around your legs or arms for various strengthening exercises. As the band stretches, more resistance is created and thus the exercises become more intense. Tip: search online for exercises with the resistance band. There are plenty of options for both beginners and advanced!

Length fitness elastic: 104 cm
Material: Latex

Specification Size Color Resistance
XX light 0.64mm Yellow 5-15LB
X light 13mm Red 12-25LB
Light 19mm Black 18-45LB
Light 22mm Black 25-50LB
Medium 29mm  Purple 50-70LB
Medium 32mm  Purple 50-75LB
Heavy 44mm Green 100-120LB
X Heavy 64mm Blue 120-175LB
XX Heavy 83mm Orange 175-230LB
XXX Heavy 101mm Grey 230-250LB
  • Country of Origin: CHINA

  • Brand Name: SMARTFIT

  • Payment: T/T or L/C