86″ Olympic Men’s Gold Titanium Barbell 20kg | Item # SF8310

Olympic Bar SF8310

86″ Olympic Men’s Gold Titanium Barbell 20kg

The Men’s Gold Titanium Needle Bearing Olympic Bar is fully coated in a vibrant gold finish. Despite its unique look, it specializes in durability and performance.


  • HEAVY DUTY BARBELL: this 20kg barbell constructed of steel for strength and durability during your workout! Features 195k PSI tensile strength with great whip.
  • ENHANCED SPIN & ROTATION: 2 needle bearings and a bushing per sleeve ensure enhanced spin and superior rotations, allowing you to get under the bar quickly on Olympic lifts such as the snatch and clean & jerk without changing hand position, preventing injury.
  • OLYMPIC SLEEVE: 415mm loadable sleeve length featuring fine grooves so your bumper plates won’t slide during your workout! Sleeves have a 2″ diameter to fit Olympic bumper weight plates.
  • KNURLED: Volcano knurling, with dual knurl-free guide marks, help to center or align your grip for a safe and secure balanced grip on the bar during heavy lifts. No center knurl.
  • ADDITIONAL: 28mm diameter, measuring 2200mm in length. Max weight load of 1500 lb.
  • Country of Origin: CHINA

  • Brand Name: SMARTFIT

  • Payment: T/T or L/C