Jerk Block | Item # CR7004

Jerk Block CR7004
  • The stackable wooden jerk blocks, are perfect for strength training. Without the need to lift heavy weights of the floor or rack, the athlete will save time and energy, ultimately focusing more on improving their push jerk. The jerk blocks are not limited to only the push jerk, some other potential uses would be: partial deadlifts, barbell rows, clean/snatch from blocks, box jumps, shoulder presses, step ups, bodyweight bar rows, block push ups, push press, and more.
  • The wood jerk blocks are CNC machined, delivering a high level of craftsmanship.
  • The Jerk Blocks come in four different sizes: 38cm, 30cm, 15cm and 7cm, with each block featuring an in-built stopper.
  • To prevent damage to the exterior layers of wood, the top platform must be used on top of the stack when the sets are in use.


  • 38cm Jerk Block (91cm x 51cm x 38cm)
  • 30cm Jerk Block (91cm x 51cm x 30cm)
  • 15cm Jerk Block (91cm x 51cm x 15cm)
  • 7cm Top Platform (91cm x 51cm x 7cm)
  • Country of Origin: CHINA

  • Brand Name: SMARTFIT

  • Payment: T/T or L/C