Project Description

CUP Urethane Dumbbells | Item # PUD018

CUP Urethane Dumbbells PUD018


The manufacturing procedure of CPU Dumbbells is more complex, time-consuming and labor intensive, hence are more expensive than TPU Dumbbells but the resulting quality is far superior. It has a higher temperature tolerance, stronger wear resistance, and are far less prone to cracking than rubber or TPU Dumbbells. All in all, this means a far superior quality dumbbell than cheaper options available out there


  • Available in 1kg to10kg in 1kg increments; 2kg to 50kg in 2kg increments; 2.5kg to 70kg in 2.5kg increments; 5lb-120lb in 5lb increments (Tolerance of -/+ 3%).
  • High-Quality Commercial Grade CPU Urethane Dumb Bell that is odorless and highly durable to wear and tear.
  • Solid steel cores that are welded into a single piece – Hardened Chrome handles with Medium knurling that provides a comfortable and firm grip
  • Fade-resistant laser cut markings in white
  • High quality textured matte finish that is designed to keep looking new with low maintenance
  • Country of Origin: CHINA

  • Brand Name: SMARTFIT

  • Payment: T/T or L/C