Glute-Ham Developer | Item # WB124

GHD Bench WB124

Glute-Ham Developer 

Along with strengthening muscles within the posterior chain, GHD training allows one of the only safe ways to actively train your spinal erectors. GHD sit-ups also result in one of the most powerful abdominal contractions of any movement in the gym. The midline stabilization gained acts like an intrinsic weight belt protecting the spine and improving sport performance.


  • Length: 183cm
  • Width: 112cm
  • Height: 108cm
  • Net weight: 66kg
  • Adjustable swing arm, enable the user to quickly adjust the roller assembly to his or her desired setting
  • Triangle base design, ensure the max stability
  • Wheels included for easy movement
  • Country of Origin: CHINA

  • Brand Name: SMARTFIT

  • Payment: T/T or L/C