Adjustable Bench Press w/ Converging Arms | Item # WB121

Weight Bench WB121

Adjustable Bench Press w/ Converging Arms 

The Adjustable Flat/Incline Bench Press is great for the individual user that may need a safety catch if lifting alone. Each arm is independent of the other which allows the user to place variable weight levels on each arm if needed, or if they simply wish to focus on one side at a time.
Ideal for home and light-commercial use.


  • Constructed with 2” x 2”steel frame with high-density, dual-layered pad measuring 44”x 9. 5”x 2”
  • U-shaped base ensures strength and durability throughout frame while ankle pads provide safety to user during ab crunch function
  • Can be used as a flat bench press, incline bench press, or ab crunch board
  • Max weight load 125 lb per arm, 250 lb total
  • Includes 2 plate storage pegs, each measuring 8”long and 1”in diameter, allows a clean and organized home gym.
  • Country of Origin: CHINA